Method Pisara® no-knife facelift

Facelift serial treatments are a non-surgical way of lifting and firming the face, as well as preventing and smoothing changes on the face and neck caused by ageing, lifestyle and genes.

This firming and lifting combination treatment empties out wastes, puffiness and fat from the face, trims the muscles, reactivates the natural functions of the connective tissues, and smoothes out lines, wrinkles and furrows.

During the treatment, according to the needs of skin tissue and muscles, a combination of lymphatic, ultrasonic and electrotherapy is performed.

During each session, the whole face and neck are treated, and if required, more attention is paid on areas that need special firming or smoothing.


Typical precision treatment areas are

* Sagging skin
* Sagging muscles
* Sagging eyelids
* Lines, wrinkles of furrows on the cheeks, around the eyes or on the forehead
* Double chin and other accumulations of fat or wastes
* Furrows on the forehead


The effects of these treatments take place deeper than on the surface of the skin; collagen, elastin, lymph, cellular metabolism, and muscles are activated. Facelifts and lymphatic drainage massages are recommended before and after plastic surgery operations and other kinds of surgery. The swelling of tissues after surgery is diminished, and the healing process is faster when the face is stimulated before or after operations. You will notice the difference straight away after the first treatment, and permanent results are achieved with a custom-made serial treatment.

Serial treatments treat the metabolism of the whole body with lymphatic drainage massages, as well as rehabilitating and balancing the skin using DMK Skin revision™ skin therapy and a home care program. The serial treatment is always begun with a consultation made by a Method Pisara® therapist.

Your therapist will give you a unique treatment program when you visit us for the first time or when you receive a trial treatment.



nopea faceliftAn instant facelift before an important occasion

Our concept also includes a package that works effectively on the cellular level, providing a facelift when there is no time for permanent improvements. An instant facelift combines DMK Skin Revision Enzyme Masque #1 and a no-knife facelift. This package also includes a device-assisted whole body lymphatic drainage massage.

This will get your metabolism going and remove puffiness. DMK Skin Revision Enzyme Masque #1 should be performed a week before the important occasion and the no-knife facelift with the full-body lymphatic drainage preferably on the previous day.

If you have fillers, Botox or implants on your face, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

* Botox paralyses muscles, whereas the facelift therapy revives them. If the effects of Botox are no longer visible, or if it is otherwise okay to re-stimulate the muscles, the facelift treatment is suitable for you. Otherwise, it is better to wait until the effects of Botox are no longer visible.

* Facial implants prevent the treatment from entering the muscles, thus preventing their shaping. On the other hand, implants do not inhibit firming the connective tissues and muscles. The facelift treatment can be done, but its effects on muscles will be diminished or none.

* The time that it takes for fillers (Restylane etc.) to be degraded and flushed out of the tissues varies individually. The facelift treatment hastens the degradation process and revives the tissues of the face. The treatment repairs even the deepest furrows and prevents new furrows from being formed, and this makes the treatment more effective than fillers. The treatment also smoothes out unevenly distributed fillers. The facelift treatment can be done, but please take note of the fact that the treatment speeds up the degradation process of the fillers.

We recommend that the facelift and DMK Skin Revision™ treatments be done before the aforementioned procedures. It is often the case that there is no need for procedures after the face is revived into functioning on its own.


Method Pisara® concept is approved by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) (2019).

Method Pisara® no-knife facelift