Testimonials of Method Pisara® concept


”My life is very busy, I only have my career. I had challenges with my energy levels and minor health issues. I understood that something had to be changed. My job will remain busy, so I got help with gaining more energy. Now I’m able to keep up my energy until the evening, I sleep well, and my guts are not irritated. I did as the coach instructed, and it worked.”
– Male, 34 years

“I got help for my cellulite, and finally, also problems with my guts were relieved. The functions of my entire body were revitalised.”
– Woman, 37 years

“I am a man who exercises a lot. I’m in good shape, but the love handles on my waist were bothering me. They stayed on, no matter how hard I exercised. Now I understand why that happened and the problem is solved.”
– Man, 48 years

“I got support with gaining independence from my parents and a certainty of the fact that I, too, am precious. I take care of myself, and I am happy. I also got rid of cellulite in my thighs, and my facial skin was healed.”
– Woman, 29 years

“I have the energy for doing things after work, such as exercising. This didn’t even cross my mind previously.”
– Woman, 52 years

“I got my weight under control, I’m able to enjoy good food, to go to parties, and to live just like I always have.”
– Man, 39 years

“I’m suffering from prolonged grief from when I was widowed. I feel safe, because the therapists know me well and are aware of my problems as a whole. I can talk openly and get help for stress or problems with my skin or metabolism. Earlier I didn’t get help so that the big picture would have been taken into consideration or results and changes reviewed. In addition, even when I wanted more treatments, treatments were limited for me, because my response to treatment would have been compromised. They really take responsibility of me as a whole.”
– Woman, 52 years

“I had not realised that curing my acne required a closer examination on my body.”
– Woman, 27 years

“My sport results and recovery have significantly improved.”
– Man, 31 years

“I was under the impression that there was nothing else that can be done for my cellulite. I had tried so many treatments.”
– Woman, 47 years

“I chose the no-knife facelift because I wanted to prevent ageing and to do something about my aging skin as a 30-year-old, before the skin on my face started to sag. The treatment helped, and my facial contours are firmer again!”
– Woman, 29 years

“I got a facelift without using surgery. I was also spared from eyelid surgery.”
– Woman, 54 years

“I searched for help for sagging facial skin, but my skin was also cured: I no longer have a problem with atopy.”
– Woman, 44 years

“I sleep well and no longer get worked up for nothing.”
– Woman, 56 years


I had not realised that curing my acne required a closer examination on my body.