Method Pisara® cellulite therapy

Method Pisara® cellulite therapy removes and empties cellulite and fat accumulations, firms sagging skin and connective tissues, and treats muscles by lifting and stimulating them to become firmer or by releasing tension. Method Pisara® combination treatments are combined with other required therapies and treatments.

Method Pisara® treatment pathway is a treatment concept that helps to gain permanent results also in the case of long-term cellulite accumulation and other kinds of aesthetic problems that are commonly fixed using plastic surgery.

The combination treatments are a no-knife alternative to aesthetic surgery. During cellulite serial treatments, factors that have lead to the situation are also investigated and corrected when possible.


Treatments can help for example with these issues:

* Inherited or lifestyle-related cellulite accumulation
* Firming generally sagging tissue and “orange peel” skin that no longer responds to changes in nutrition or exercise
* Firming sagging skin
* Firming sagging skin after pregnancy and breastfeeding
* Activating abdominal muscles and firming the tissues after a C-section
* Supporting weight loss and putting the finishing touches on your weight loss achievement
* Firming sagging tissues or skin after surgical operations or activating and shaping the muscles
* Aftercare after a liposuction or other plastic surgery or smoothing out uneven results
* Shaping the muscles

Areas typically treated:

* Thighs
* Saddlebags
* Buttocks
* Belly and love handles
* Accumulations on the back
* Extensors


During one treatment session, typically 1 – 2 areas of the body can be treated, depending on the situation. The longer metabolic waste and fat have had time to be accumulated, or the longer the tissue has had time to start sagging, the longer it takes to repair the problem. This is why it is wise to come to therapy as soon as changes have occurred; fresh accumulations and changes on connective tissue respond to treatment much faster than metabolic waste and fat that has accumulated for a long period of time.

Types of therapy

Method Pisara® cellulite therapy utilises hospital medical equipment combined with different types of therapy. Depending on the requirements of the tissue, the following types of therapy can be used:

* Ultrasound therapy
* Electrotherapy
* Negative pressure therapy
* Manual lymphatic drainage

Method Pisara® cellulite therapy is your choice when you are ready to commit to results and are aiming at health and beauty.

We are not looking for instant remedies but permanent results you can maintain with the help of the right manner of living and eating.

A healthy and beautiful body requires

1. An optimal environment for cells and their wellbeing (pH, oxygen, pure blood, a well functioning endocrine system etc.)
2. A well functioning metabolism and removal of wastes (intestines, lymph etc.)
3. An adequate amount of rest, a balanced mind, and the right kind of living environment

These treatments cannot be done during pregnancy.



Try our treatments

Weight loss and cellulite

Treatments are always begun with a consultation or a trial treatment, so that we can design a unique treatment pathway, according to your needs and wishes. This treatment planning cannot be made over the phone because the therapist should be able to look at tissues on the treated area and acquire additional information on the overall health of your body in order to design a safe and effective treatment package. You can book an appointment on our website or by calling us on the phone.

A free-of-charge treatment planning consultation, 30 minutes

During this session, no treatments will be done. The therapist will go through your medical history and check the status of your tissues, and based on this information, the therapist will prepare a unique Method Pisara® treatment plan, including price information.

A trial treatment for cellulite, 1 hour 45 minutes

This trial treatment is for new customers who have not taken any trial treatments or cellulite therapy.
Method Pisara® combination trial treatment is performed on the abdomen or thighs, and during the treatment, lymphatic drainage therapy is also performed on the whole body. The therapist takes a look at your medical history, and based on this information, the therapist will prepare a unique Method Pisara® treatment plan, including price information.

A trial treatment with permanent ultrasound fat reduction, 1 hour 45 minutes

This trial treatment is for new customers who have not taken any trial treatments or cellulite therapy.
One treatment will be made that includes a medical ultrasound fat reduction on the thighs or the abdomen, a lymphatic drainage and a combination treatment on tissues of the same area.

The therapist takes a look at your medical history, and based on information gathered during the treatment of the tissues, the therapist will prepare a unique Method Pisara® treatment plan, including price information.


Serial treatments

Method Pisara® serial treatments are intensive packages, and one session takes 1 – 4 hours, depending on your unique needs and the size of the treated area. During serial treatments, approximately 2 treatment sessions are booked per week, and in order to maintain the results, we recommend therapy sessions approximately once a month.

Lifestyle, ageing, stress, and changes in hormones can cause surprising accumulations of wastes or sagging connective tissue and these can be repaired during maintenance treatments.

In order to achieve permanent results, we recommend Method Pisara® health coaching by a nurse. During coaching, we will find out what has caused the imbalance in tissues and the body.

Nutrition, fluids, sleep and stress factors will be taken into consideration when restoring the physiology. When required, a chosen analysis is used for gaining specific results to support fixing problems with for example the intestines or nutrient deficiency. Another important goal of the therapy is to optimise your metabolism, so that metabolic waste is successfully flushed out and cellular health is obtained. With the help of the Method Pisara® concept and functional medicine, we will find out what lead to this situation and provide the customer with proper tools and support with maintaining their health and aesthetic results. The basics should be in order before starting to refine your lifestyle with specialised treatments, products or ideologies!

Permanent medical ultrasonic fat reduction

Permanent medical ultrasonic fat reduction is typically used when treating long-term metabolic waste and fat accumulations on the saddlebags, thighs and abdomen. This effective and precise treatment is always combined with other Method Pisara® cellulite combination therapies to achieve optimal results.

During one session, one area (thighs, abdomen or buttocks) is treated, and to optimise the results, the treatment is repeated the following day. This treatment is done in individual sessions during trial therapy or only seldom as a one-off treatment of a local accumulation of wastes, caused by a surgical operation or trauma. There must be at least two weeks between two fat reduction treatment sessions. Combination treatments can be continued.

On the day of the treatment, you should not drink alcohol or eat fatty foods. As always, drink a 2,5 litres minimum of 2,5 litres pure water in order to support your lymphatic system. This treatment is not for the face or for people suffering from liver, kidney or heart conditions. Please ask for more details directly from our clinics!


Mitä selluliitti on?About cellulite

Weight loss and cellulite

Cellulite accumulation can occur in people of all sizes and ages. The causes can be lifestyle, genes, or sagging of connective tissue due to hormonal factors. All these factors cause wastes and fat to be accumulated in the tissues, and as the flow in lymphatic vessels is weakened, the metabolism is slowed down. In the early stages, cellulite can be treated by changes in lifestyle, but as the connective tissue starts to sag, more help is needed.
As you lose weight, the amount of fat and wastes is reduced, but even the most fat-free exerciser can suffer from cellulite or the sagging surface of tissues, especially if muscle maintenance is neglected. Muscle stiffness inhibits the optimal removal of wastes by the lymphatic system.

Method Pisara® concept is approved by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) (2019).

Method Pisara® cellulite therapy