Method Pisara® muscle and fascia therapy

In Method Pisara® muscle and fascia therapy packages, tense muscles and muscles in need of stimulation as well as tightened fascia (fascia treatments) are treated with electrotherapy and negative pressure therapy.

Treatments are done in serial treatments in order to gain permanent results.

The treatment series is always designed taking into consideration the tension in the muscles and the whole situation of the muscle. These therapies are not limited only to the sore or tense area. In order to fix the problem, the overall situation has to be viewed. Fascia have an effect on a surprisingly wide area, or in some cases, the fascia are the main factor that causes the problem. Muscle tension is not always the reason for the symptoms. The symptoms and factors causing them have to be thoroughly investigated. The treatment plan is made according to this information. For example, headaches can be caused by tension in the neck and tightened fascia. The tension in the neck and shoulders can be presented as sore shoulder joints, or intervertebral disc problems can be caused by tension in the muscles and fascia in the back. Sore knees of a growing and active child can be caused by tightened fascia, and bunions can be sore because of tightened fascias as high up as in the knee.

The Method Pisara® muscle and fascia therapy treats the reasons behind the symptoms, and not just the symptoms. The treatment has a powerful effect on tissues, and optimal results are achieved by combining treatments and using different equipment. These therapies are especially developed for when massaging and stretching are not capable of corrective change any more but are merely alleviating symptoms. When tension, tightness and stiffness are severe, it is required that they be relieved at the cellular level so that the areas can be self-maintained again. After therapy sessions, stretching exercises given to the customer are essential in order to gain optimal results, and after all this, also massaging starts to help again. The therapy sessions often include a device-assisted lymphatic drainage therapy that helps to get rid of swelling and flush out accumulations. The lymphatic drainage therapy is a good way to locate tension in the body and to find out how extensive the tension is. Therefore, it is a very informative style of treatment, and often it is wise to perform it as a starting treatment.

A singular muscle and fascia therapy session is a powerful treatment as such and is able to provide instant relief from tense muscles and tightened fascia.

Even more repairing and permanent changes can be, however, achieved by a treatment series. This is usually comprised of 3–5 treatment sessions, depending on the situation. The treatment series are combined with therapies treating muscles and fascia, and they are performed according to a specific schedule. In addition, the customer performs stretching exercises on a daily basis, according to instructions.

During fascia treatment, you may experience a mild feeling of pulling or pain, but the treatment is quickly done, and the feeling passes immediately after the negative pressure stops. We always perform fascia treatments on prewarmed and manipulated muscles.

The Method Pisara® muscle and fascia therapy is a very effective style of treatment, and it is used in the following situations:

– Acute or chronic tension in muscles or fascia
– Strengthening the muscles (tightening up the stomach, treating separated abdominal muscles, muscle workout)
– Re-activating sagging muscles (sections, mild strokes, injury muscle rehabilitation) or after an injury
– Lifting the buttocks
– Aches in joints or headaches caused by tenseness
– Problems in metabolism (swelling caused by tension)


Method Pisara® concept is approved by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) (2019).

Method Pisara® muscle and fascia therapy