Method Pisara® lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system is comprised of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes that are connected to the circulatory system. The lymph (a clear fluid) carries wastes that are flushed out of the body along with sweat, urine and excrement. If the lymphatic system is not working properly, the lymphatic vessels start leaking wastes into the blood and soft tissue.

This inhibits oxygen from flowing into the tissues, resulting to increased amounts of cellulite, stiffening joints and muscles, feeling cold, having headaches, and an overall feeling of slow metabolism. The lymphatic system can slow down due to muscles, if they are not maintained by stretching or revived with exercise. Also, for example, a static working posture can block the lymph nodes.

To gain a functioning lymphatic system, it is important to pay attention to the quality of nutrition and to drink an adequate amount of water. Our therapists will give you basic instructions on taking care of your body and an assessment of your lymphatic system, as well as additional treatments if needed.

To start repairing a chronically compromised immune system and slowed down lymphatic system, a therapist does a health consultation, including a plan for treatment.

As your first treatment, you can book a device-assisted full-body lymphatic drainage massage and book an appointment for consultation and follow-up treatments.

The device-assisted lymphatic drainage treatment is performed either on the whole body or only necessary areas (for example after surgery).

Method Pisara® lymphatic drainage massage is recommended to be done regularly, and it can be done during pregnancy.


Method Pisara® lymphatic drainage massage is especially recommended in the following cases:

* Puffiness
* Before and after surgical operations
* Swelling during pregnancy (lymphatic drainage massage is done manually)
* Swelling caused by sprains, ruptures or fractures
* Slowed metabolism due to illness, medication or changes in your life


Method Pisara®  lymphatic drainage massage cannot be done in the following cases:

* Tumors that are being treated
* Clogged arteries or vessels
* Acute infections
* Healing wounds and surgery scars should always be individually assessed


Device-assisted lymphatic drainage massage

During this treatment, the whole body and face are treated with a negative pressure device. At the end of this treatment, you will get a relaxing head massage. The therapist treats you and tells you about the status of your lymphatic system during treatment.

The therapist also makes out a plan for your follow-up treatment sessions, according to your needs. The treatment seldom feels intense, but after-effects may include feeling cold, frequent urination or mild nausea if lots of fluids and wastes get flowing. It is essential that during several days before the treatment, on the day of the treatment, and several days after the treatment you drink more than two litres of pure still water, so that wastes are effectively flushed out by your metabolism.

Treatments before a surgical operation should be done on the previous night or on the day of the operation. Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery is done usually after the stitches are removed, at the latest. This treatment can be done quite frequently during the healing process, so that fluids are not accumulated or inflammation does not occur in the operated tissue.

Device-assisted lymphatic drainage massage is always done during maintenance treatments, cellulite treatments, firming treatments and DMK Skin Revision™ skin therapy serial treatment.

Method Pisara®  lymphatic drainage massage during pregnancy

Method Pisara®  lymphatic drainage massage is usually performed manually during pregnancy. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, also negative pressure or ultrasonic devices can be used if the patient is feeling up to it, especially in the case of lots of swelling.

As the belly grows, treatments are done with you lying on your back or side. At the end of the treatment, you will get a relaxing head massage.

We recommend that Method Pisara® lymphatic drainage massage be done after the first trimester of the pregnancy.


Method Pisara® lymphatic drainage massage