DMK Skin Revision™ skin therapy

At our clinics, we apply the DMK Skin Revision™ treatment protocol. The concept by Danné Montague-King is based on powerfully renewing the skin and restoring the natural balance of tissues beneath the skin. True beauty always lies on the inside, in healthy cells!

We combine treatments from DMK Skin Revision™ protocol and the Method Pisara® concept, in order to restore the physiology of the whole body and achieve long-term results you will be able to maintain.

Changes in the skin are the result of your lifestyle, hormonal changes and the effects of your environment. DMK Skin Revision™ treatments take care of severe skin issues and support facial surgical operations.

Treatments done applying the DMK Skin Revision™ concept differ considerably from traditional beauty treatments and cosmetology. The advanced DMK Skincare™ products are paramedical products and contain unique concentrated ingredients, mixes and compounds, utilising specific methods of extraction. DMK Skin Revision™ treatments do not harm the skin, and tissues are treated transdermally, which means that the effects of treatments reach deeper layers of tissues than traditional cosmetological facial treatments.


DMK Skin Revision™ skin therapy