Coaching gives you tools for wellness

Method Pisara® concept offers coaching for maintaining health as well as preventing and treating illnesses. Coaching includes personal and group coaching aiming at holistic wellness as well as packages tailored for businesses.

Coaching is given by the developer of Method Pisara® concept, health coach, mentor and nurse specialised in functional medicine, Teresa Sepponen.

Personal coaching

Personal Method Pisara® health coaching can be combined with Method Pisara® treatment pathways, or you can alternatively book a one-off coaching.


Examples of challenges that coaching can help you with:

* Problems with metabolism
* Weight management
* Mental challenges and changes; for example the inability to advance your career, dreams or relationship
* General malaise, fatigue or stress
* Aesthetical goals: facelift, cellulite treatments, fat removal
* Supporting treatments during illnesses
* Physiological or mental stress caused by changes in your life


Method Pisara® health coaching includes:

* Analysis of health records, diary and causes of stress
* Recognising harmful manners of living
* Analysing eating habits and giving suggestions for meals
* Personal coaching towards a new lifestyle
* Designing a personal treatment pathway and receiving written instructions
* A 15-minute follow-up phone call
* If needed, 60 – 90 minutes of additional consultation