Get an upgrade via Method Pisara® treatment pathway!

The uniqueness of the Method Pisara® concept is based on the treatment pathway that leads the customer into holistic health. The treatment pathway is always planned individually for each customer, and planning is free of charge.

In the treatment pathway, Method Pisara® treatments are chosen based on the goals of the customer. The chosen package can contain physiological treatments, consultation, medical device-assisted treatments, coaching and therapy. Things that affect the planning of the suitable package include the starting point and goals of the customer, the overall cellular health, underlying illnesses, things happening in your life, nutrition, nutrient deficiency, and different symptoms.

Method Pisara® treatments can only be performed by professionals in the wellness industry who have their basic training in beauty or healthcare industry and are qualified as Method Pisara® therapists. All treatments are based on functional medicine. Method Pisara® is not a cosmetological concept.

The goals of the treatment pathway are to lead the customer towards goals set together and to keep the service promise given to the customer at the beginning of treatment.

Goals can include:
* A healthy body and increased immunity
* Enhanced stress management
* High quality of sleep and refreshing sleep
* Removing cellulite
* Facelift or repairing the facial skin
* Relief of symptoms of an underlying illness
* Better self-esteem and succeeding at life
* Well-functioning intestines and digestion
* Improved results in exercise
* Achieving and keeping the desired weight
* A happier life and self-acceptance

Your progress is always closely monitored by the whole treatment team. If results are not shown as expected, the treatment pathway will be revised. The service promise given to the customer is also a guarantee of success. The best results are achieved when the customer is committed to the treatment pathway and takes responsibility for achieving the goals together with the treatment team.

All treatments are based on functional medicine.


All treatments are based on functional medicine.