Method Pisara® muscle maintenance

Method Pisara® muscle maintenance packages treat tense muscles and muscles in need of stimulation as well as tightened up fascia with electrotherapy, negative pressure therapy and infrared therapy.

These treatments are done almost always as series, in order to gain permanent results.

A typical serial treatment includes from three to five times 60 to 90 minutes of treatment. In addition, a device-assisted lymphatic drainage massage should always be done. Individual muscle maintenance with a fascia treatment is a very powerful treatment as such and gives instant relief from stiff muscles and tightened up fascia.

Fascia and muscle maintenance

During the fascia treatment, you might at first get a mild feeling of tightness or pain, but this is a short treatment and the feeling passes as soon as the negative pressure stops.

Electrotherapy is a painless and effective method of treatment and is used in the following situations:

* acute or chronic muscle stiffness
* muscle toning
* re-activating muscles after a trauma or slackening (C-section, mild stroke)
* new: a very effective toning of glutes (electrotherapy for muscle maintenance or stimulation, 30 min.)


Electro-stimulation (muscle training and reactivation) is done as a serial treatment, starting from 1 – 3 times a week, depending on the starting point.

Releasing electrotherapy can be done during pregnancy.



Method Pisara® muscle maintenance

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